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Welcome to Move In Smart, an international service provider dedicated to making international relocation easier. We are a small company, but we have significant firsthand experience with moving abroad. It was never easy, and settling into our new cities always took a tremendous amount of time… but we believe travelling abroad is the best experience anyone can get. Like Candide in Voltaire’s famous book, we have learned to “cultivate our garden,” and we believe it is possible for anyone to bloom, no matter where they are planted.

Whether you are planning to relocate to the United States for business or study purposes, the right preparation can help overcome many obstacles and challenges. Move In Smart will help ease your transition to ensure you enjoy your relocation experience as much as possible.

Yours sincerely.
Gregory & Frederic

Mission Statement
Our goal is to simplify the relocation process and remove stress by listening carefully to our clients’ unique situations and expectations. We will make you feel at home within 48 hours. *

The Idea

Every year, the United States of America attracts more and more students with their prestigious universities. And as the business world continues to get smaller, talented individuals and families are often required to relocate to the USA.

Relocation is stressful in any situation. And crossing a border to a place with different customs only adds to feelings of frustration. What do you do when your new home doesn’t match the pictures you had in your head? What do you do when your expectations are not met? When standards are different? How are you supposed to find an apartment, the right apartment, and furnish it, quickly enough without creating an enormous hotel bill in the process? You feel like you are rushing, trying and hoping to put all the right pieces together. By the time you start your job, or school, you still don’t feel settled and everything is feeling more and more complicated…

Having faced these challenges and frustrations ourselves numerous times, our idea was simple: What if we could make it easier for others? What if we could use our experiences and save people from the frustration, the stress, and the often unexpected expenses that often overshadow what should be an exciting time?

Move In Smart was created specifically to help students and business people settle efficiently in major US cities without the stress. We listen carefully, and will help you select the right place based on your requirements, budget, standards, and other necessities, before your arrival. Our range of services starts with simple assistance in finding your apartment, and goes all the way up to a complete setup: furnished apartment exactly matched to your specifications with the right number of bedrooms and beds, TV/DVD player, fully equipped kitchen, internet hookup and phone service, and paperwork for a bank account, driver’s license, green card applications, etc. We can even fill your fridge and pick you up from the airport in a limousine if you wish.

Our goal is to provide you with the best arrival experience possible. You get to decide how Smart you would like to Move In.


Move In - Basic

Please contact us for prices.

- We find you an apartment
- We ensure your paperwork is complete and in order
- We pick you up at the airport

Additionally, we will provide basic arrival necessities including: A cellphone with minutes, texts, and internet access & international access, subway tickets, information about internet and other service providers, and food and drink for 2 days.

Move In - Premium

Please contact us for prices.

In addition to the Move In – Basic package, this one provides a furnished apartment with:

- One queen bed with mattress & bedroom accessories
- Full “kitchen kit”
- “Cleaning kit”
- 32’’ Flatscreen TV

Move In - Luxury

Please contact us for prices.

In addition to the Move In – Premium package (except TV and 30min. cell phone), the Luxury package includes:

- One of the latest Smartphone (Iphone or Samsung brand)
- Vacuum Robot
- 42’’ Flat screen TV, furniture, electronics and subscriptions
- Assistance with state/drivers identification & green card lottery
- Airport pickup in a limousine (or high-end SUV or 4x4)
- Food and drinks for a week
- NBA or NFL tickets

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Why should I spend so much money on your services?
Relocation is expensive. Our customized services not only make moving easier, but they often save clients money in the long run by streamlining the process and eliminating mistakes. Think about it: staying at a hotel for 10 days might cost $1,500 (perhaps $2,500 or more in NYC!). 10 days of a car rental will cost at least $500, and if you choose not to rent a car and use a taxi, you will pay delivery fees to get your furniture. Plus internal phone calls overseas 3G can increase your phone bill by $200. Dining out at restaurants for 10 days could easily cost another $300. Add the cost of furniture. So consider $4,000, maybe $5,000 as a low estimate to how much it could cost you to move on your own. Conclusion: Move In Smart will definitely save you time, and probably save you money.

How do I register?
To get started, download our New Client Form, found on the Register Now page, fill it out, and return it by email.

Where can you help me go in the USA? We focus our services primarily on major East Coast cities, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. However, other cities and surrounding areas can be discussed as well, so feel free to contact us and we will review how we can help.

I prefer a king sized bed, not a queen sized bed. Is that possible?
Yes. Additional costs will apply, but we can provide customized Move-In packages.

I want the TV in the Luxury package, but I would like the Premium package.
Please mention it when you register, and we will provide a customized Move-In package.

Can you assist us with legal support and visa applications?
Yes and no. Our experience in the USA has taught us a lot about visa and green card applications, and we are happy to share our experience to better assist you. However, each case is different in the United States, and we can get you in touch with an immigration lawyer or other qualified people to help you if needed.

I have children who will need to attend school in the United States. Can you help me understand our school options and how to enroll?
Absolutely, we will investigate on your behalf of the procedures, the dates / deadlines, and we will look into the required vaccinations so you anticipate all you will need. We love to learn too, so it will be our pleasure to help you with this matter at no extra charge as long as you select one of our packages.

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